They’re Listening

It’s been one hectic day. Between running errands, Easter prep, and a weirdish spring ice storm that left us damp and without hydro at random intervals, it was all I could do to hold myself together. I picked my daughter up from school early, and she was full of questions about life in general, and also brimming with energy since they hadn’t been let outside for recess all day long (thanks to the aforementioned weather situation).

While I tried to prepare dinner, our house was in chaos with kids screaming and playing wildly, a radio blasting, and my phone buzzing with text messages.

By the time bedtime arrived, I felt overwhelmed by the day’s events. As I laid down beside her, I could see Violet was still feeling the effects too: she wiggled and squirmed, bopped around and twirled her stuffed animal.

Finally, in an attempt to distract and quiet her mind, I threw my arms around her and said, “OK, my love. What was the very best part of the day?”

She was thoughtful as she laid in my arms and snuggled against me. I tried to guess what she would choose as her favourite moment: maybe our trip to the bakery. Maybe when we danced in the kitchen to our new favourite song. Maybe our visit this afternoon with the Syrian family we’ve recently helped to resettle here.

Finally she answered, “Right now. This is the best part of the day.”


And I think to myself, you are wise, tiny zen master.

I don’t know whether I’ve taught you well, or whether you already know everything I’m just learning. Either way, I bow to you.

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