Simple Days Perfect Days

There is something about a quiet morning at home that really lends itself to mindfulness.

It’s the start of March Break, and we have a pretty full week of activities ahead of us, but I decided to keep Monday empty on our calendar. The kids stayed in their pyjamas late into the morning, had a lazy breakfast, and played happily while I worked around the house. It left us room for questions and conversation, and countless drawings. We even made a spontaneous trip to the museum.

I listened to them laughing together in the backseat, and I felt so grateful for the moment. I know life won’t always be this uncomplicated (it isn’t that easy most of the time, even now!), but maybe that helps me to appreciate my little family – knowing where they are, for the time being, safe in the car with me.

In that simple moment there was nowhere I would have rather been.


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