And on That Note…

(Speaking of self-care…)

Today marks the start of a project I’m very excited about. I’m calling it, The Metta Project. It’s been in conception for sometime now, but I have finally undertaken to get started. (The details are here.)

Generally, kindness comes easily to me. I believe I’m a naturally loving person, and it feels genuine to offer this type of energy into the world, the energy of love and compassion. But strangely, I don’t do it (consciously) all that often.

It feels awfully good to offer up lovingkindness as I wander around the world. Although I’m just getting started on the “selfish” part of my intensive metta practice, I am taking the opportunity to silently wish this lovingkindness on any beings I encounter throughout my day. I feel a bit like I’m radiating metta as I run my errands, as I sit with my family, or as I walk down the street. And in turn, the world seems like a more beautiful place when I’m focusing on love.


It comes naturally to me to wish others well. It makes me feel good to send this energy out.

As I type, I am aware that many other beings are using the internet at this moment. May all beings who are using the internet right now be well. May they be happy. May they be free from suffering. May they know love. May they be peaceful.

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